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 Travel bag series comparison table 
Series comparison chart

Wooden steel string model outline

Puddle Jumper (PJ410N)teeth23 inchscale mini guitarIt's a great guitar with a great sound and easy to handle, making it perfect for those who are just starting out and those who want to easily carry their guitar anywhere.

PJ backpackDetail ishere

Overhead seriesteeth24.5 inchesIt uses a full scale of , so you can play it without any discomfort even if you switch from another guitar.piezo pickupEquipment.

​​Overhead⁺ (plus) seriesteethOverhead seriesThan1 inch wideto a perfect bodyThe back material is also a single plateto achieve rich volume and well-balanced sound. the backpack isOverhead seriesis common with

OverheadBackpackDetail ishere

First Class seriesofParlor modelteeth24.5 incheson the scaleparlor sizeIt features a well-balanced sound by combining the body of

It is a model that shines on stage with gorgeous specifications that add decorations to the classical style of the 12-fret joint.

GA modelteeth25.5 incheson the long scale ofGrand auditorium sizeThis full-size model combines a body with a rich sound and excellent playability thanks to the cutaway.

First Class backpackDetail ishere

​nylon string model overview

OC520teeth650mmscale of and52mmBy adopting a full-size neck with a nut width of 10, you can play without feeling discomfort even if you switch from a conventional classical guitar.

side portBy providing apiezo pickupSince it is also equipped with, it can be used in almighty from practice to live performances.

Carbon model OC660teeth650mmon the scale of48mmand narrow nut width make it easy to switch from steel string guitars and electric guitars.

Compared to the wooden model, the live sound is modest, and the slightly hard sound ispiezo pickupIt gives a gorgeous impression when passed through.

OverheadBackpackDetail ishere

FC522teeth650mmscale of and52mmon the neck of the nut width offull size bodyIt features a full-fledged classical guitar sound that combines

Elbow bevel processingYa AbbaIt is a deluxe specification with decorations such as rosetta using long shellfish.


AccessoryFirst Class backpackDetail ishere

Carbon fiber model overview

carbon fiber modelis alloverheadThe compact size of the package produces a warm acoustic sound, while being resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, making it an all-rounder..

OF660 steel string guitarhas a lineup of 7 color variations (gloss/matte total, excluding limited colors).

OC660 with nylon stringsteeth650mmto the full scale of48mmand narrow nut width make it easy to switch from steel string guitars and electric guitars.

Compared to the wooden model, the sound is slightly harder, and when passed through the piezo pickup, it gives a gorgeous impression.

OB660 (base)teethOF660Lower the position of the bridge while having the same dimensions as27 inchWe have secured a scale ofCombined with the unique carbon fiber structure, it produces a powerful bass sound that exceeds its size.

Because it is an acoustic bass, you can enjoy playing unplugged,fretless modelallows you to enjoy the acoustic feeling more.

common to all modelsOverheadBackpackDetail ishere

backpack comparison chart

アンカー 4

backpack outline

PJ modelThe backpack has a simple construction and can store a guitar and other accessories in the same size as a 30L backpack from a famous outdoor manufacturer (details of the PJ backpack can be found athere).

Overhead seriesthe backpack ofBG001forStorage for laptops, equipment, also abundantcoin lockeretc.,The shoulder strap can also be stored and it looks like a smart business bag, so you can take the guitar to work or school without hesitation.

It meets a variety of needs, such as carrying all the equipment you need for music distribution or gigs on the

First Class seriesThe backpack ofFP/FCfor the modelBG021andFFfor the modelBG011There are two types of

BG021is the bag partOverhead seriesofBG001slightly larger thanretractable casters/handlesThe thickness is increasing as much as it is equipped with.

BG011is the size of a grand auditoriumFFThe bag part will be slightly larger to store the model,retractable casters/handlesYou can easily move long distances.

In addition, small details such as clothing storage using the handle storage section have been

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