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1. Questions about Travel Bag Guitar
*Will it be out of tune when the neck is installed?
A.Tuning deviations after assembly are usually within a semitone. It's a good idea to tug on the strings to stabilize them before fine-tuning them again.

*The string height feels high when assembled. How can I lower the string height?
A.If the neck is properly fixed with a screw bolt, the string height is set to be appropriate, but if you feel that the string height is too high, please try the following two methods first. ​
1) Make sure that the screw bolt on the back of the body is tightened until there is no gap between the neck and the body. Fully tightening the screw bolts will solve most of the string height issues.
Please see this video for instructions on how to remove the neck: 


Other effective tightening methods are:
a. Hold the body between your knees, hold the neck near the head with one hand and press it against the body while turning the screw bolt to tighten easily.

b. Another method is to hold the neck near the head with one hand so that it does not slip, and place it on the floor or desk at an angle of about 45 degrees with the top of the body facing down. In that state, turn the screw bolt while holding it down.

*For the wooden travel bag guitar, you can use the dedicated shim kit (sold separately) to try a more detailed neck setting.

*When removing the neck, if the screw bolt is loosened and the black button latch is released, but the screw bolt is still caught, press the neck against the body and loosen the screw bolt by 2-3 turns. and the neck comes off.

*Does the neck detachable system affect the attack and sustain of the sound?
A.A robust detachable system and an elaborate neck pocket have almost no effect on the sound.
In terms of sustain, it actually surpasses that of a regular acoustic guitar.

*Does attaching and detaching the neck affect the string life?
A. Attaching and detaching the neck itself has almost no effect, but if you play every day and are concerned about changes in sound quality,We recommend replacing coated strings every 3 months or 300 hours of use.

* How should I store it when not playing?
A.It can be stored in a backpack or assembled, but when storing a wooden travel bag guitar assembled for a long period of time, it is recommended to keep the neck from sticking in the neck pocket due to changes in temperature and humidity. Leave the bolts on the back slightly loose.

*What type of strings do you recommend for the travel bag series?
A.The factory strings on the travel bag guitar are Elixir Phosphor Bronze 12/53 Lights. Use light gauge for wooden travel bag guitars. Use of medium and heavy gauges is not covered by warranty (except PJ410N). Carbon fiber travel bag guitar and PJ410N can be used up to medium gauge.

The factory strings for the Travel Bag Bass are as follows
Flat Wound:
D'Addario ECB81S Chromes Bass Guitar Strings, Light, 45-100, Short Scale
Round Wound:

D'Addario EXPPBB170S Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Bass Strings, Light, 45-100, Short Scale

2. Questions about carbon fiber series
* What kind of frets are used? Also, is it possible to change frets?
A.It uses white brass medium jumbo frets. Fret replacement is also possible, but it is necessary to use epoxy resin at the time of replacement. We also have a fret exchange manual, so please request it if necessary.

*Is it possible to shave a carbon fiber neck to change the neck shape?
A.The carbon fiber neck is hollow with foam and cannot be trimmed. In addition, if it is processed, it will not be covered by the warranty.

3. Questions about pickup
*What kind of pickups are used in Journey Guitars?
A.Depending on the type of instrument, we use a 2- to 4-point conductor piezo pickup. It is a pickup that emphasizes a clear and natural ambient feeling using carefully selected German piezo elements.
*Please tell me how to install Journey Guitars pickups.
A.Watch the explanatory video below.

4. General questions
*Please tell me about Journey Guitars warranty policy and returns.
​A.Please refer to the warranty information page for the warranty and return policy of Journey products.

*What is the B-stock model?
A.B-stock models are brand new products shipped from the workshop with stains, scratches,paintedIt is the name of the product where oxidation, carbon fiber bubbles, etc. can be seen. These do not affect playability, but due to appearance problemsIt may also be removed from the normal sales channel. All B-stock models carry the same warranty as other products.

If you have any other questionscontact pageThank you.

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