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Collapsible travel guitar

for better music experiences

  A travel guitar that fits more compactly than ever before is the best solution for Japan's traffic and housing conditions!  

  Not only is it convenient to carry around and practice at home, but it also has a solid sound.

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 Media & Artist Reviews 
Media & Artist Reviews

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 Customer's voice 
Customer's Voice

*The carbon guitar (OF660M) sounds well even at high temperatures in Africa, and the tuning is stable, so there is no problem at all.

After all, I think that choosing a carbon product leads to a sense of security when using it in a harsh environment.

*I'm happy that I can get on a crowded train without getting in the way and getting around without stress.

*The sound is better than I imagined, so I've been playing this all the time lately. Good pickup too!

*Because it's light and portable, it's easier to participate in the party after the band.

* Above all, it's nice to be able to take it to work without hesitation. I will take it with me on my business trips.

* I often go out with a guitar because even a convertible can fit in the trunk.

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