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About shopping credit


You can use APLUS shopping credit at our online shop. Available for more than 30,000 yen total payment, also more than 3,000 yen monthl payment.


don't have a credit cardohAPLUS will reimburse the purchase price of the product with a simple procedure for customers,up to 84 timescan be purchased in installments. The application will be completed in about 3 minutes from the web.

​Also,If you also apply for an APLUS credit card (no annual fee) when you apply for a shopping credit, you will receive a preferential split fee and will also earn T points (see below).

Shopping credit terms and conditions:

〇 Product price 30,000 yen or more

〇Monthly repayment amount of 3,000 yen or more

〇 Number of divisions 3 to 84 times

〇 Division fee 9% (actual annual rate)

If you apply for an APLUS credit card with no annual fee, you will receive preferential treatment for a split fee of 7% (actual annual rate).,again,Up to 5,000 T-points will be presented according to the terms of use of the credit card + 1 point will be presented for every 200 yen left on credit (cash price including tax - down payment)!


Aplus's easy loan calculation simulationhere

* To use shopping credit, please proceed to offline payment from the payment method in the shopping cart. After confirming your order, we will send you a shopping credit application email.

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