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Road Trip & Journey Junior 

​Ergonomics Acoustic Guitar

Journey RoadTrip Series has high playability ergonomic body, and JourneyJunior Series has a compact body with rich sound. All characterized by Built-in piezo pickup(except JF410N), and comes with multi-functional dedicated gig case.

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The Road Trip and Journey Junior guitars were created with the goal of producing the best possible sound from a moderately sized body. These small, ergonomic acoustic guitars feature The Wedge design's asymmetric body thickness and are ideal for singer-songwriters, traveling musicians, and younger generations who want more volume and tone in a more compact guitar. This is the perfect solution for those guitarists. By making the lower body thicker instead of thinner on the top, it creates a fuller, louder sound from a guitar that's easy to handle.

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What is the difference between Road Trip and Journey Junior?

Both models feature ergonomic The Wedge design bodies with 24.5” scale and tapered X-bracing. Designed primarily as a singer-songwriter touring guitar, the Road Trip is available in wood as well as carbon fiber. It has the tone and volume of an all-solid orchestra model guitar, but fits in a maximum width of 13.5 inches travel size, wooden model has solid tonewood top, high-quality pegs, and a sense of transparency. It has a passive pickup. On the other hand, Journey Junior is a model with a maximum width of 12 inches and a smaller body with a solid top. Both series come with a JourneyTek travel gig bag to carry other equipment such as laptops, tablets, shields, effects and stands together. The Road Trip and Journey Junior series are suitable for both those looking for a touring guitar for the next stage, and beginners who want to pack their guitar and other equipment into a compact and portable package. See details at the bottom of the page for other features.

*For out-of-stock items, please contact us for the delivery date as some items are being adjusted before shipment.

​ *Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products are subject to change without notice, and handling may be discontinued.

*Products that use natural wood may have different grains, knots, and colors.

What is an ergonomic guitar?

If you think your old acoustic guitar is too hard to play, the Road Trip and Journey Junior are the answer.

Easy access to frets: The compact body and 24.5-inch scale plus The Wedge design keep the neck and top of the body at an ergonomic playing angle. The tilt of the neck transfers the weight of the arm to the fingerboard, making fingering easier and especially useful when playing chords such as barre chords. Beginners can help learning these chords, and experienced guitarists can reduce the stress on their bodies and prevent arm and joint injuries during hours of playing and rehearsing. .

Ease of Stroke and Picking: By tilting the body at a more natural angle, it prevents the guitarist from "bending over" the guitar, encouraging more efficient strokes and picks in a natural position. It encourages beginners to practice the correct posture and allows them to practice efficiently for a long time, and for experienced guitarists, it can be expected to reduce pain and stress in the shoulders, neck, and joints.

Guitar suitable for petite and young people

The short 24.5 inch scale, petite body, and The Wedge design combine to make the Road Trip and Journey Junior a great guitar for petite and young players alike. Large guitars are difficult to play, and it is the best choice for those who have been dissatisfied with the feeble sound of a 3/4 size guitar. The Wedge design makes it as easy to play as a short-scale 21-23 inch junior guitar, but it sounds more like a full-scale guitar.

About pickup

The Road Trip and Journey Junior models with pickups feature JourneyTek™ piezo pickups. Designed with high-output German-made piezo elements, it fully expresses the wonderful tones of musical instruments in a well-balanced and clear manner. Of course, no batteries are required.

About the JourneyTek gig bag
Patented JouneyTek gig bag with neck support and protective padded straps. In addition to ample storage space such as a hidden neck pocket, a large retractable pocket, and a large retractable mesh pocket, it is also equipped with a strap with snaps, so other equipment can be easily stored in the gig bag. Using durable materials and YKK zippers for peace of mind, it also comes with a carabiner hook and a daisy chain to fasten accessories. You can also attach the JourneyTek Ukulele Gig Bag (sold separately) to carry your guitar and ukulele together. An optional rain cover with reflective tape is also available, so you can carry it with confidence on any journey.
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