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RT660 carbon fiber bolt-on neck guitar

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The Road Trip Carbon Fiber Guitar is a touring guitar with a bolt-on neck construction, robust carbon fiber and hand-picked parts. The Wedge™️ designed 36-inch body, 24.5-inch full scale, and patented soundboard technology top produce powerful tone and bass from this small guitar. The lightweight wedge body, beveled and scoopaway processing also contributes to playability. Equipped with a 3-conductor piezo pickup that is faithful to the original sound, it also comes with a travel gig case with a robust and high storage capacity. This is the perfect guitar for those looking for a guitar that is easy to play and puts less stress on the body.



Body shape:Semi-orchestral, offset soundhole, scoopaway™️ processing with access to the 20th fret, bevel processing, The Wedge™️ design body

Neck scale:24.5 inches (622.3mm)

Top:Unidirectional carbon fiber with bracing reinforcement

Side/back:Carbon fiber with glass fiber reinforcement

bridge:carbon fiber

neck:Reinforced carbon fiber, C-shape, 2way adjustable rod specification, 20 frets (14 frets for body joint), nut width 44.5mm

Fingerboard:Carbon fiber, 16" radius, brass medium frets

Nut/Saddle:beef bone

finish:Eco-friendly polyurethane paint matte finish

Pegs: 18:1 Precision Tuner

pick up:JourneyTek 3-point piezo pickup

string:Elixir Phosphor Bronze Light

○Weight: 1.7kg (3.2kg including bag)

Working dimensions:Total length 94cm/Body maximum width 36.8cm/Body thickness 8.9cm~12.2cm

○Country of origin:China

Storage gig case:Equipped with storage space such as ballistic nylon outer skin, luxury velor interior, bottom rubber coating, 3-way handle, padded strap, neck pocket / large pocket with pleats / large elastic mesh pocket / daisy chain / stand storage strap

Size: Length 99.2 cm Width 41 cm Depth 18 cm




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