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Overhead™️ Carbon Fiber Travel Bag Guitar

Journey carbonfiber travel bag series is like no other carbon fiber folding guitar. By tuning the carbon fiber layering method on the body top, a surprising acoustic sound is produced from a small body. Steel strings model has 24.5 inch scale neck, and nylon string OC660M has 650mm full-scale. Both are assembled with 3-point piezo pickup and Overhead backpack included.

​*Not available for shipping outside of Japan

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The Journey Overhead™️ handcrafted folding carbon fiber travel guitar is quickly becoming a modern classic.

The Overhead™️ OF660 was developed based on 300 hours of research with touring guitarists. What they are looking for is an uncompromising high-quality product that combines the tone, texture, and playability of a high-quality full-size acoustic guitar with excellent ergonomics, portability, and pickup performance. After satisfying those demands, we decided to create a stress-free travel guitar that can withstand any movement and perform on any stage. Check out the OF660's many great features below.

Even customers who do not have a credit card can use APLUS shopping credit, which can be purchased in installments.

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* We also accept reservations for products that is in status "arriving soon" or "waiting for arrival". Please let us know from Contact page

*For out-of-stock items, please contact us for the delivery date as some items are being adjusted before shipment.

​ *Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products are subject to change without notice, and handling may be discontinued.

* For travel bag guitars with nylon strings, please be careful to prevent the strings coming off and damaging the body top plate when attaching and detaching the neck. When replacing strings, please tie a knot at the bridge end for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plain strings to prevent the strings from loosening.

Carbon fiber handmade with advanced technology 

OF660 CARBON FIBER travel bag guitar is handcrafted from Journey Instruments' proprietary blend of prepreg sheets (carbon fiber sheets impregnated with resin). The patented sound board has a unique cell structure that produces an amazingly warm, woody, yet articulate tone. The neck, fingerboard, body and bridge are all made of carbon fiber.

Differences between OF660 and cheap carbon fiber guitars

In contrast to cheap injection-molded plastic guitars which contain only a small amount (5% or less) of carbon fiber, the OF660's carbon components are made from a layer of real carbon fiber fabric, with a braided carbon structure. Fiber accounts for 65-75% of the neck/body structure. Its strong and heat-resistant structure is a great advantage for those who often keep their guitars in the trunk of their car while traveling, and for those who go on adventure trips to hot deserts and rainforests. The high carbon content also contributes to long sustain and good resonance. The neck features a dual-action truss rod with a wide range of adjustment, and the strong carbon fiber construction throughout the guitar makes it easy to connect and disconnect the neck and body in hot environments.

Ergonomic design

The OF660 carbon fiber travel bag guitar is one of the most ergonomic acoustic guitars available.

The Manzer© wedge- The slanted angle of the fingerboard naturally transfers the weight of the fingering arm to the fingerboard, reducing stress on the wrist, and allowing you to stroke the strings at easy angle to reduce shoulder tension and fatigue.

Bevels- The body has bevel where it meets the arms and body, making the OF660 a very comfortable and easy-to-hold guitar.

Scoopaway- By adopting scoopaway instead of cutaway, the OF660 maintains a body volume similar to that of a guitar without a cutaway, while still arrows easy access to high-pitched frets. 

scale and playability

OF660 carbon fiber Travel Bag Guitar uses a 24.5 inch (622 mm) scale, which is close to the Gibson scale, and has moderate string tension for easy fingering and sufficient acoustic performance.

The 1.75-inch (44.5mm) nut width and thin C-shaped neck make it comfortable in any hand, making it popular with fingerstyle guitarists.

​Design of neck detachment system

The neck attachment and detachment system, which has been completed through repeated improvements, not only enables the neck to be attached and detached within 20 seconds, but also has a fine adjustment function for the neck angle. In other words, you can change from a fingerstyle picking setting to a hard stroke picking setting by simply turning the knob on the back of the body! This is a great advantage for guitarists who play in different styles or need to change neck settings.

​Selected Parts

The OF660 carbon fiber Travel Bag Guitar features parts found in high-end guitars. Pegs are Glover Mini or Journey locking tuners, nuts and saddles are genuine bovine bone, ebony bridge pins, and Elixir phosphor bronze strings. These support the original tone of the acoustic guitar, which is warm and well-balanced.

​About the tone

Tone was the number one priority when designing the OF660 Carbon Fiber Travel Bag Guitar. A top plate with carbon fiber sheets aligned in one direction, a side / back made by a unique lamination method combining the weave of carbon fiber sheets, and a bridge and fingerboard also made of carbon fiber. All the other parts work together to create a surprisingly large-scale sound from a small and easy-to-play guitar. Send the output of a JourneyTek piezo pickup to PA console or amplifier, and the OF660 carbon fiber travel bag guitar sounds like a full-sized acoustic guitar. It doesn't even need correction with an equalizer.

​About pickup

The OF660 carbon fiber travel bag guitar is equipped with a JourneyTek™ piezo pickup. Using high-output German-made piezo elements, it outputs well-balanced tones and fully expresses the wonderful tones of musical instruments. No batteries required.

An artist accidentally dropped his OF660 carbon fiber Travel Bag Guitar into a waterway and submerged it for three hours. He drained water inside the guitar and able to plug in and play it in the same evening!

In addition, for those who require more detailed tone adjustments, the battery-powered preamp module EPS001-15K(sold separately) which equipped with a condenser microphone allows control of tone/volume/pickup balance.

EPS001-15K can be easily added without tools.

About the travel bag
The patented BG001 Overhead™️ travel bag will change the way you think about travel guitars. BG001 is made of carefully selected materials and the size fits perfectly into the baggage regulations of major airlines (55.5cm x 23cm x 35.5cm). Travel bag In addition to guitars, you can bring multiple effectors/shields/laptops/tablets/other accessories with you.
​once Once you've gone out with the Overhead™️ travel bag guitar, you'll never want to go back to another travel guitar. And surely any other acoustic guitar.

* Due to the specification change of the Overhead backpack, we are gradually changing to a new specification bag. More blog postOverhead Backpack Part 2Please refer to.
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