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nylon string classical guitar

Journey Travel Bag Guitar nylon string model line up wooden OC520/FC522 and carbonfiber OC660M, also listing non-collabsible JC520N is a usual cassical guitar which has wedge shape body constuction. All model has 650mm full scale neck. Dedicated backpack/gig case (JC520N) included.

​*Not available for shipping outside of Japan

Prices include tax


All Jourey Classic(Nylon String) Travel Guitars are sound-focused travel guitars with full-scale 650mm necks and bodies featuring The Wedge™️ ergonomic design. The OC520 and JC520N have a sound port on the upper side of the body that makes it easy to monitor the sound during play, making them ideal for stage and practice. In addition, the OC520 and FC522 have a standard 52mm nut width, and the OC660M and JC520N have a 48mm nut width that makes it easy to switch from other guitars.

The Wedge™️ design body not only improves low-frequency response and volume, but also makes it easier to play barre chords by tilting the guitar surface toward the player, reducing the burden on the shoulders during long performances. 

All included travel bag/gig case (JC520N) which can hold other equipment along with the guitar. All have piezo pickups.

* Due to the specification change of the Overhead backpack, we are gradually changing to a new specification bag.

Please refer to blog post Overhead Backpack Part 2 for more detail.

Even customers who do not have a credit card can use APLUS shopping credit, which can be purchased in installments.

How to use shopping credithere

*For out-of-stock items, please contact us for the delivery date as some items are being adjusted before shipment.

​*Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products are subject to change without notice, and handling may be discontinued.

*Products that use natural wood may have different grains, knots, and colors.

* For travel bag guitars with nylon strings, please be careful to prevent the strings coming off and damaging the body top plate when attaching and detaching the neck. When replacing strings, please tie a knot at the bridge end for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plain strings to prevent the strings from loosening.

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