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OC520 Classic Seder/Perfellow (Gold peg version)

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The OC520 Overhead™️ classic acoustic travel back guitar features an ergonomic The Wedge™️ design body with a solid cedar top and pau ferro laminate sides/back and a standard 52mm nut width and 650mm scale neck. Combined, it produces a sound close to a standard classical guitar from its small body. The traditional Torres-type brace structure body is also equipped with a sound port that makes it easy to monitor your performance, making it easy to play. The standard contact piezo pickup reproduces the natural sound of the guitar in the studio or live.

The neck can be attached and detached while tuning, so it is recommended for those who are looking for a classical guitar that is convenient to carry and has a good sound.

TSA compliant multifunctional travel bag included



body shape: 00-style, The Wedge™️ design body

neck scale: 650mm classic full scale

Top: Pufferrow and mother of pearl rosette processing on cedar veneer, Torres bracing

side/back: Pau ferro laminated board, Wedge design, Sound port equipped on upper body side, Maple binding

bridge: Ovangkol

neck: African mahogany, Spanish shape, carbon fiber reinforcement, 2way adjustable rod specification, 17 frets (12 frets for body joint), nut width 52mm

fingerboard: Ovangkol, brass medium frets

nut/saddle: Beef bone

finish: Eco-friendly polyurethane paint matte finish

Pegs:18:1 open type peg  (gold peg version)

pick up: JourneyTek 3-point piezo pickup

others: Collapsible neck system made of stainless steel, string retainer

string: Savarez Traditional Series White Card (Rotation)

weight: 2.0kg (3.3kg including bag)

Dimensions when used: Total length 90cm/Body maximum width 31.8cm/Body thickness 8.9cm~11.8cm

storage backpack: Made of ballistic nylon, YKK zipper, large pocket with 14-inch laptop (9.5-inch tablet can be stored outside the pocket), accessory pocket, back pocket for internal storage, shoulder strap that can be stored, size : Length 55.9cm Width 35.5cm Depth 22.9cm

* Due to the specification change of the Overhead backpack, we are gradually changing to a new specification bag. More blog post"Overhead Backpack Part 2"Please refer to.


OC520 (gold peg version)

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