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J-uke™️ Travel Ukulele

J-Uke Travel Ukuleleteeth,super soprano(soprano long neck),concert,tenorof8 models in 3 sizeslineup. For spruce or meranti topsscoop processingWe have set a model that has been treated and an orthodox mahogany model for concert and tenor.

​allBuilt-in piezo pickup,Comes with a multi-functional dedicated gig case.

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J-uke Travel Ukuleleis a handmade ukulele with very unique equipment. Other ukulele makers focus on design and combine off-the-shelf pickups and gig bags, but we take a different approach, just like travel guitars.Ukulele/pickup/gig bag developed as a comprehensive travel ukulele packagedeath,great sounding ukuleleTomaintenance free pickupandA durable and versatile travel bagare combined. all ukulelesveneer topandarched backingusingtravel bagfornext level protectionandInnovative functionalityis equipped withpick upteethmaintenance-freeAnd it sounds great with any amp.J-uke Travel UkuleleSee details at the bottom of the page for more features.JourneyTek Ukulele Gig BagteethhereYou can buy it though.

**For purchasers of Journey travel guitars/ukulelesStrings 4 U online free trial lesson and enrollment benefitsIt offers. Please apply from the product user registration page.

​*Not available for shipping outside of Japan

*For out-of-stock items, please contact us for the delivery date as some items are being adjusted before shipment.

​ *Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products are subject to change without notice, and handling may be discontinued.

*Products that use natural wood may have different grains, knots, and colors.

Handcrafted ukulele made from sustainable wood

J-uke Travel Ukulele uses carefully selected sustainable wood in solid top and arched back. Uses only CITES compliant cultivated renewable tree species like North American Sitka Spruce / African Mahogany / Ovangkol / MacArthur Ebony / Meranti etc., so we can have Peace of mind when traveling abroad.

​ Ergonomic Ukulele

J-uke Travel Ukulele has ergonomics construction, also Uses a wide fingerboard for easy arpeggios and chord work.

Some models have scoopaway, which makes it easy to play the high frets while maintaining the original sound of the ukulele.

scale and playability

J-uke Travel Ukulele uses the standard concert/tenor scale neck. Super soprano model is combining a thin arched back body with a concert scale neck, a sufficient volume is secured, and the range up to the 17th fret can be used.

carefully selected parts

J-uke Travel Ukulele uses precision pegs, high-quality Aquilla strings, nut and saddle made from bovine bone. The entire body is bound with wood or tortoiseshell pattern, the scoop is made of wood that matches the design of the ukulele, and all ukuleles have a strap pin.

​ variation

J-uke Travel Ukulele has two variations. One model features a traditional dark mahogany top and arched back with tortoiseshell binding for a warm and authentic ukulele sound. This model is available in concert size and tenor size. The other advanced model has a Sitka spruce veneer top with clear treble and scoopaway processing, and uses Meranti or striped ebony for the arched back material to achieve sufficient bass. This model is available in concert/tenor/super soprano sizes. Super soprano model is great for travel. This thin-bodied, concert-sized neck soprano ukulele fits in a 22-inch or smaller gig case. You can carry it in your carry-on luggage even when traveling by air.

About sound quality

the combination of solid top and arched back material delivers consistently rich and clear sound in a variety of environments. This is a great advantage for travel ukuleles that require a loud sound, and can be played in any situation.

​Also, J-uke Travel Ukulele pick up produces a finest natural ukulele tone.

​About pickup

J-uke Travel Ukulele is assembled with JourneyTek™ piezo pickup which use high power german piezo element.

It expresses the wonderful tone of the instrument in a well-balanced and clear manner.. No batteries required.

About Ukulele Gig Case
JourneyTek Ukulele Gig Case will change the concept of your ukulele case. It has full neck support and protective padded strap with hidden neck pockettelescopic pockettelescopic netstrap with snap. Fabric is highly durable materials and using safe YKK zipper.  Carabiner hook and daisy chain are also attached. You can put this Ukulele Gig Case and JourneyTek guitar gig bag(sold separately) together easily with straps and pocket, so, you can bring ukulele with your favorite guitar together! Rain cover with reflective tapeis also included, so you can carry it with you on any trip with confidence. Once you go out with  J-uke Travel Ukulele, you'll never want to go back to other ukuleles.
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