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JourneyTek pickup

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JourneyTek™️ Piezo Pickups are installed in most models of Journey Travel Guitar/Travel Bass Guitar/Ukulele.

Battery-free passive piezo pickup that amplifies the sound of your instrument with unparalleled clarity.

These pickups are maintenance-free, in addition to being able to easily bring out the characteristics of acoustic instruments at high volume,

Optional battery-powered Preamp module(EPS001) with condenser mic enable to control volume/tone (for EP001k / EP002K / EP004K only). 

No tools required for installation.

​*Not available for shipping outside of Japan

*For items that are out of stock, please inquire about the delivery date.

​*Please note that the specifications, prices, etc. of the listed products are subject to change without notice, and that handling may be discontinued.

years of testing and design

After years and testing in the lab and on stage, we chose the latest German-made ceramic piezo element for guitar / ukulele pickup system. This piezo element enables faithful reproduction over the entire frequency band.

Advantages of JourneyTek™️ Passive Piezo Pickups

JourneyTek™️ passive piezo pickup is glued directly to the bridge plate behind the saddle position. As a result, this pickup amplifies the actual vibrations emitted by the top board, and can faithfully reproduce the original sound of the instrument.

The sound is unrelated to the "noisiness" and "electricity" often found in other companies' products. Additionally, this picup reproduces Airy, natural acoustic sound and great for percussive fingerstyle playing as it also clearly reproduces the hammering sound.

Expansion of EPS001 pickup module

EPS001 preamp module is easily to install on JourneyTek™️ piezo pickups (EP001K/EP002K/EP004K) without tools.

EPS001(EPS001-15 for 15 cm radius sound hole or carbon fiber guitar, EPS001-05 for 5 cm radius sound hole) is an optional  battery-powered preamp module with a condenser microphone. Just plug it directly into EP001K/EP002K/EP004K piezo pickup, the 9V battery and endopin jack, and no other modification to the guitar/ukulele body is required.

6mm diameter movable gooseneck microphone equipped with a control section that can be installed inconspicuously in the sound hole, then you can control Volume/Treble/Bass/Pan and Phase switch which prevents howling.

All parts are glued inside the body with the included 3M double-sided tape.

JourneyTek™️ Passive Piezo vs Undersaddle Pickup

Compared to undersaddle transducer pickups and magnetic pickups, JourneyTek™️ piezo pickup truely reproduces a clearer acoustic sound. While the under-saddle pickup has excellent sensitivity and attack, the piezo element receives strong pressure under the saddle, resulting in a compressed sound. Since it is installed under the saddle, if there is a part that is not parallel to the saddle and the saddle insertion part, it will hinder or cause loss in the reproduction of the frequency produced by the strings on that part. Furthermore, there is a risk that the pickup material is inserted between the saddle and the bridge, which affects the original sound of the guitar. This is a big concern when installing high-end acoustic guitars such as vintage and collector's items.

JourneyTek™️ piezo pickup is fixed to the bottom of the bridge plate from inside the body, It doesn't change the original sound of your guitar.

JourneyTek™️ Passive Piezo vs Magnetic Pickups

A magnetic pickup is made by winding copper wire around a magnetic pole piece, and usually one pole piece picks up the sound of one string. As the string vibrates, it acts on a magnetic field near the string, causing the coil to induce a current that is in tune with the frequency emitted by the string.

Many magnetic pickups for acoustic guitars are located in the soundhole, but some are screwed directly to the top.

A magnetic pickup primarily amplifies the sound produced by the strings and does not reflect much of the guitar's overall sound signature.

Its strength is its clear tone, but it lacks the character of an acoustic instrument.

JourneyTek™️ piezo pickup is glued from the inside of the body to the bottom of the bridge plate, and the EPS001 also outputs a sound blended with a condenser microphone. It faithfully reproduces the sound of the guitar without losing its original sound character..

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