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 Easy to carry with a backpack 
Easy to carry with backpack


Journey travel bag seriesYou can easily remove the neck and carry it in the included backpack, so you can take your guitar with you even in situations you've given up on.


Overhead(+) seriesAs the name suggests, the backpack is a size that fits in the overhead storage of airplanes and trains, and is one size larger.First Class seriesThe backpack can also be rolled and moved with retractable casters/handles.

The rectangular parallelepiped backpack fits neatly under a desk or table, making it ideal for work or school.You can take it with you without hesitation.

again,You can leave your guitar in a coin locker, so you can easily bring it out even on days when you have other errands to do.


The backpack has plenty of storage compartments other than the guitar, with a notebook PC and accessory storage pocket on the front side, and other equipment can be stored inside.

First Class seriesIf you remove the cushion in the handle compartment, you can put a lot of clothes in the backpack.


journeyTravel bag seriesis a mini guitarPJ410NExcept for the 24.5-inch to 25.5-inch scale (Note) and the 00 type to G. auditorium size body,Volume and deep sound equal to or greater than that of a typical acoustic guitaris realized.

(Note) All nylon string models are 650mm full scale.


The so-called "travel guitar" and unlike "mini guitar"  A guitar that can be used as an acoustic guitarcan be carried in a compact backpack,journeyTravel bag seriesis.


In addition, the built-inJourneyTek™ pickup(except PJ410N) andBackpackFor details such as the convenience ofWhy Choose Journey GuitarsPlease refer to the.

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