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 Why choose Journey Guitars 
Why Journey Guitars?



The original purpose of the "travel guitar" is to take it with you on a trip.journeyofTravel bag seriesof "Easy to carry" and its "high quality as an acoustic guitar" are active in various scenes.

The fact that you can easily carry it around anytime is a great advantage for those who want to improve their guitar skills and want to practice all the time.good buddybecomeI guess.


“Compactness”is a great advantage in everyday life.Backpackstore with other equipment incrowded trainFeel free to ride thestorage in the roomI don't have a problem with it.

Travel bag series's guitar is heavier due to the neck detachment system, but it fits well.more than carrying in a backpackIt feels light.


carbon fiber modelis made lighter, but above all itsweather resistant andAmazing acoustic feelis noteworthy.

short scale basealso lineup,fretless specificationare also available.


Of course, if you sacrifice the sound to make it compact, the value will be halved,journeyThen you don't have to worry about that.

Can handle stagesBuilt with sound in mindwith a number ofJourneyTek pickupDetails of  "Pursuit of quality as a musical instrument Please see.


again,cuboid backpackalso have various advantages.Overhead series backpackAs the name suggests, it can be stored in the overhead storage of airplanes and trains, as well as coin lockers at stations..


inconspicuous at workSo it's okay to practice after work.Delivery of notebook PCs, etc.Store equipmentbecause we canPerfect for minimalistsis.

Overhead seriesFits in a smaller backpack23 inch mini guitar,PJ410Nare also available.


Although it is a new brand that just started selling in Japan in 2019,Developed based on product research from many manufacturers and feedback from many musiciansoverseas, and in 2013US NAMM ShowIt has been well received by many people since its debut.

Features and benefits that cannot be expressed on the product page"blogBut I will tell you various things.

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