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Top> Pursuit of quality as a musical instrument 

  Pursuit of quality as a musical instrument 
Commitment as quality instruments

journey guitarsis the founder Rob Bailey's“I want to make an acoustic guitar with a good sound that can be carried safely and easily by any means of transportation.”In order to realize the thought, it is manufactured with attention to detail.

Tone wood and carbon material that emphasizes sound

journey guitarsAll of our wooden acoustic productsRenewable Tonewoodusing.

Materials compliant with the Washington Convention (CITES)to useNot subject to plant quarantine when traveling abroadYou can move smoothly.

​Carbon fiber guitar/bassPrepreg sheet with unique composition(Carbon fiber sheet impregnated with resin) is used, and the body side/back and top have different laminated usingWarm, woody, yet articulate tonedesigned to play

トラベルギター カーボンファイバー

You can choose from the lineup various sound characters created by the combination of various tone woods including Sitka spruce used in many models and the difference in body size.

neck, fretboard, body, bridge and guitar/bassAll main structure is carbon fiberconsists of theCarbon fiber content is 65-75%It extends to

Robust and easy-to-operate neck release system

patented"Collapsible neck system"The is a large stainless steel screw bolt and latch mechanism that achieves both a strong connection between the neck and body and easy attachment and detachment.Can be assembled and put away in 20 seconds.


this"Collapsible neck system"byThe sound of the strings is fully transmitted to the body to create a rich sound. again,It is also possible to change the neck angle by adjusting the tightness of the screw boltYou can also adjust the string height to suit your play style.

by a "string retainer" on top of the nutStored in a bag with the strings stretchedprecision "Glover Mini" or "Journey locking tuner" pegs prevent string slack,Minimal tuning error during attachment/detachmentis kept to

Ergonomic body for good playability

​J-Uke Ukuleleandmini guitarall exceptjourney guitarsThe product is made by a famous guitar maker.Linda ManzerDeveloped by"THE Wedge" It has a tapered body by design.

トラベルギター ウエッジ加工
トラベルギター ボディバック

again,First Class seriesThe guitar has abevel processingandcarbon fiber seriesThe guitar/bass ofContour processing on the upper body backIn addition toPursuing ease of holding and playingdoing.

The thickness of the upper part of the body is thin, so it is easy to hold, and the angle of the guitar is tilted toward the player.Easy to play,Allows for long playing times.

on the other hand,Increase the thickness of the lower part to secure the body volumeby doingIt achieves good bass response and rich volume.

​Reproducible pickup

journey guitarsExcept for some models, the productJourneyTek™ piezo pickupis equipped with


according to the instrumentLineup of 4 typesIt has three-point conductors for steel-string guitars, four-point conductors for full-size nylon-string guitars, and two-point conductors for ukuleles and basses.

Unlike the general undersaddle type,High output German piezo elementBy adopting a contact microphone type pickup usingFully expresses the rich sound and ambience inherent in the instrument..

For those who need more detailed tone adjustments, it is equipped with a condenser microphone and equipped with volume/treble/bass/pickup balance controls.Preamp module EPS001(sold separately, battery powered)Easy addition without toolsIt is also possible to

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