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Top> Easy assembly and disassembly in 20 seconds


 Easy assembly and disassembly in 20 seconds 
Foldable in 20 seconds


Once you get used to the journey travel bag seriesEasy assembly and disassembly in 20 secondsI can.

10,000+ testsThe neck attachment/detachment mechanism developed throughDue to the double structureStrong and safe desorptionSupport.

again,Attach and detach without loosening stringsIt is possible to do so, and the deviation of tuning at the time of attachment and detachment is also minimized. The solid connection also contributes to the sustain of the sound, which surpasses that of a typical acoustic guitar.


Travel bag series guitarProprietary neck detachment system, so it is a little heavier than an acoustic guitar of the same size,Backpackcan be carried with "I feel lighter because of the good fit" We have received your feedback.

carbon fiber modelis made lighter and above all itsweather resistant andAmazing acoustic feelis noteworthy.


carbon fiber modelteethResistant to changes in temperature and humidityThe setting is stable no matter where you use it, but wooden models using natural tonewoods can be affected by the environment just like regular guitars.


for that reason,wooden modelso that the settings can be changed according to changes in the environment,shim kit(sold separately) are available.

Because the neck can be removed,shim kitand attachedCombining a spare saddlevarious settingsis easy to try.


In the range of normal use, the main structure of Journey GuitarsLifetime warrantyI am attaching(note).

The neck can be removed and carried in a backpack without fearBy doing so, the enjoyment of music will be further expanded.

(Note) Lifetime warranty is offered to customers who purchase new products at authorized dealers.

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