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What is Journey Guitars
About Journey Guitars

About Journey Instruments, Inc.
Journey Instruments Management

Journey Instrumentsoperates a supply chain management company--Rob BaileyFounded in 2011 in Austin, Texas, in order to solve the problem that the guitar that Mr. (right) wears every time he goes on a business trip. Over 300 hours of market research with in-house mechanical and carbon fiber engineersOverhead™️ Collapsible Travel Guitar SystemDeveloped. Bailey's friend and former colleagueJames BrawnerMr. (left) joined the company as a partner in 2012,2013 NAMM ShowandCollapsible travel guitarannounced. Currently, we are expanding our product lineup with a two-team system in Austin, Texas and our manufacturing base in Fujian, China.

About Journey Guitars Japan


Journey Guitars Japanthere are 50 companies in the worldJourney InstrumentsOnly 3 of the dealers (as of May 2021) are one of the certified licensed stores and are the sole distributor in Japan.Encore MS Co., Ltd.has been in operation since November 2019.

Encore MS (Encore music solutions)is the representativeKatsuya Matsubarawas established with the aim of "supporting people's relationship with music", and is developing businesses such as selling musical instruments that allow people to enjoy music more easily and supporting music lessons.

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